I’m Pissed Off Now.

It’s just taken me 4 days to write an impossibly hard blog post about how I’ve chilled out a lot about this food stuff.

I wrote about how we’ve totally lost our understanding of what ‘normal’ eating is – myself included – and I felt I needed to stop thinking about it so much.

I wrote about how it’s a good thing, but it’s scary and difficult because once I take that away, I lose the one good thing that I’ve taken out of my Mum passing away.

I said a lot of stuff that wasn’t easy to put into words…

then WordPress deleted it.


WordPress, you’re a fucking dick.

I can’t be arsed to repeat it all. Here’s the basics:


I still believe in this stuff, but I decided to let go a bit this week.

There was a lot of processed sugar:

Strawberry Banana Bread

A lot of chips, complete with HP sauce, ketchup and salad cream, because I couldn’t decide between the three.

No pictures of my meals, because normal people don’t take pictures of their food.

A lot of wasabi peas.


I need to try this.

It was a good post.

In summary, we all need to chill the fuck out about food:

food fads

WordPress needs to not be a dick.

I’ll write more soon.


Thank you, goodnight.

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