That job search thing.

So tonight I found myself feeling slightly defensive about my life.

It’s something that I find myself doing fairly often at the moment. I have to explain why I don’t have a ‘real job’ at the age of 24; why I still live in my parents’ house; why I’ve gone through 3 seasons of Brothers and Sisters since October; and why I may have gone through far too many bottles of wine since embarking on this ridculous job seach.


My main problem with this is that it’s simply not fair. I know that this sounds like the kind of spoiled-brat comment more appropriate for a twelve-year-old girl in the midst of an identity crisis, but it’s also highly applicable to my current situation. Anyone who has read my ramblings for a considerable amount of time should know that I am not the type to cry and moan about what has happened to me, because that will ultimately achieve absolutely nothing and leave me feeling worse than I did in the first place. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my moments when I want to scream at the sky because I am so angry about the fact that cancer took my Mum from me, and then consequently sent my life flying off on a course which I am still yet to comprehend.

It makes me angry that I am intelligent enough to get both a First Class undergraduate degree and a Masters with Distinction, but still not worthy of offering a job.

It is simply ridiculous that I am apparently overqualified for the jobs that might actually make me seem attractive to those hiring for the jobs that I am currently underqualified for.

It stresses me out that I have to plead with faceless individuals about my worth as a human being, but there are a million different people already working who have less than an ounce of my creativity.


Basically, this job searching stuff is really harsh. It is so hard to see yourself in a positive light when there are so many people telling you that you’re not good enough for them, but it goes a little too far when I find myself defending my life to new people who judge me for not having a job yet. If it came easy to you, then I congratulate you. Truly; I am glad that you have done well, but that does not give you the right to view me as below you.

So I am here to remind you (or maybe myself…things get blurry after 1am) that you are still okay; it will work out.

And if you’re getting defensive, it’s only because you have something worth defending. Hang on to that fact.

8 responses to “That job search thing.

  1. How people love to judge. Ultimately, each and every one of us have been dealt a different hand therefore judging someone is akin to predicting the answer when the equation was wrong in the first place. Don’t let them pressure you, you’ll get there!

    • Exactly! All of this stuff has definitely made me re-evaluate how I view other people as well; you never know what’s gone on behind closed doors. Thank you :)

  2. I’ve struggled for five years to make it in beauty
    journalism – doing rubbish admin jobs, waitressing etc. Now I’ve
    got a full time job doing what I love. Hang in there – I know it’s
    hard but it’s worth it. If your passionate and talented, people
    will notice you and you will get there.

    • Thank you! Really happy that you’ve eventually got where you want to be.. makes me feel a little more hopeful that I might get there too.

  3. You’ll be fine Miss Hare, feeling your pain also but if
    anyone is going to alright in the end it’s you. Well you had better
    be or what hope is there for the rest of us?! :P

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